Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Choss From Above!

Not only is Steve Elder a bad ass climber, he's a bad ass pilot as well. He took me up in his 68' Piper Cherokee to do some crag spotting. Didn't many great shots, but the perspective you gain from above is wild!



Horse Cock

Chicken, Hen & Rooster

The Bridge

The Ears

Needle Rock

Opal Creek Wall

Detroit Area Crags

Your Co-Pilot

Edit: Hard to believe that when I posted this ten months ago I was sitting in the right seat of Steve's plane not having a clue what was going on. I probably didn't know what the altimeter was. Now I have personally landed at 68 different airports in Oregon, Washington and California, logged 250+ hours and am more than half way through my instrument training..... Funny how things change. Thanks Steve for the inspiration!

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