Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Callis Route with Callis!

Earlier this summer I got a call from Jeff Thomas asking if I wanted to hike up to the Menagerie and climb the classic Callis Route on the Hen with non other than Pat Callis himself. So obviously I was game and really quite excited. Now I don't have a ton to say about the climbing that day since all we did was climb the Hen a couple times so Jeff could shoot video and snap some pictures.  But god damn was it cool to hang out with Pat, he's over 70 and still cranks as hard as your average 25 year old. His memory from the day of the FA of the Hen was as clear as they day he did it, which by the way was back in the 50's before %99 of us had ever put on a harness. Pat is now a professor at Montana State University, climbs regularly, and even still climbs ice as much as he can. A true inspiration for anyone!

Pat and I on top of the Hen. 
Photo: Jeff Thomas

Me belaying Pat up Winter Sunshine.
Photo: Jeff Thomas

Menagerie climbers of two different generations!
Photo: Jeff Thomas


  1. Tyler, you seem to be very familiar with the Menagerie, yes? Do you know what the huge formation is near the bottom of the drainage on the east side. It looks hard to get to but has a huge, steep, clean, west face. Looks rad. It's visible from rooster rock. I'll send you a photo. Email me at: c r u x i c A T g m a i l D O T c o m.
    Much thanks!
    - Adam B. (Corvallis)