Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oregon Climbing History

Over the years I have acquired some cool artifacts related to Oregon climbing, but most of it just sits ignored at my house or on my computer.  So I would like to share some of what I've got here, I'll do a section for Western Oregon and Eastern Oregon... enjoy!


Western Oregon

Larry Schmidt atop Callis Spire. September 1st, 1969. Photo: Scott Schmidt

Larry Schmidt atop the Bobcat. October 1968. Photo: Scott Schmidt

Original Barad-dur summit register entry. 1972

Bruce Birchell on Barad-dur. 1978 Photo: Scott Davis

1st entry, Wolf Rock Summit Register. 1964

Dean Fry handmade angle piton, made in the Corvallis High School shop. Circa 1971 

Jim Anglin homemade hangers. Circa 1980's

Pat Callis homemade bolt hangers. Circa late 1950's

Ring angle pitons used during the first ascent of the Turkey Monster. Circa 1964

Hand forged pitons used during the first ascent of Needle Rock. Circa 1968

Eugene Dodd rappels during the first ascent of Needle Rock. 1968. Photo: Jim Nieland

Some of the guys that created a lot of the climbing history in Oregon: Tom Bauman, Gary Kirk & Jeff Thomas. September 2010


Eastern Oregon

 Mazamas Annual: Leslie Gulch. 

'The Eagles Claw' summit register. Circa 1970

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